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This is a character identifier list for those of you not familiar with the pre-Crisis DC Universe.  The entries are in order of character appearance.  Hope this helps!

SUPERGIRL (Kara Zor-El, aka Linda Danvers): Earth-1 superheroine originally from Argo City, which was flung from Krypton by the planet's explosion and survived under a protective bubble.  When the city's inhabitants were destroyed by Anti-Kryptonite, Kara's parents sent her in a rocket to Earth-1, where she gained super-powers under a yellow sun and lesser gravity.  She is the cousin of Superman of Earth-1 and was a Legion Reservist, but has now been upgraded to full Legionnaire on detached status.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252)

FRED AND EDNA DANVERS: Supergirl's foster parents.  They adopted Linda sometime after her 16th birthday, and soon learned their daughter was a Kryptonian and the cousin of Superman.  Both live in Midvale, where Fred is an engineer.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #279)

LOIS LANE: Reporter for the Metropolis Daily Planet, now the wife of Clark Kent, who is secretly Superman.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #128)

SUPERMAN (Clark Kent): Superhero from Krypton, now of Earth-1.  When Krypton exploded due to its unstable uranium core, baby Kal-El was rocketed by his father Jor-El to Earth, where he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who adopted him.  He gained super-powers from Earth's lower gravity and yellow sun, and, by the age of 8, became Superboy, Earth's mightiest super-hero.  In college, he changed his superheroic name to Superman, later becoming a reporter for the Daily Planet and husband to Lois Lane.  He is a former member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and a current member of the Justice League of America, and is Supergirl's cousin.

DICK MALVERNE: A former boyfriend of Linda Danvers, who knew her since their days together in Midvale Orphanage.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #256)

JERRO: An Atlantean merman and former boyfriend of Supergirl's.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #269)

BRAINIAC 5 (Qwerl Dox): Another former boyfriend of Supergirl's, and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Brainiac 5 is descended from a Coluan who was adopted by the original Brainiac in the 20th Century to conceal his computeroid identity.  He has a twelfth-level intelligence (as opposed to humans' sixth-level) and is a master of science and technology.  Brainiac 5 also possesses a belt of his creation which can envelop him in an almost-impenetrable force-field.

SUPERGIRL OF EARTH 1.5 (KARA OF ROKYN [Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl and Linda Danvers]): The Supergirl of a parallel Earth-1, whose history diverged from that of Earth-1.75 when she elected to return to Rokyn, the planet settled by Kryptonians.  (1st app: "Ring of Fury").

POWER GIRL (Kara Zor-L, aka Karen Starr): Superheroine of Earth-2, member of the Justice Society, former member of Infinity, Inc., cousin to the late Superman of Earth-2.  Kara Zor-L was sent from Krypton to Earth in a spaceship of her father's design, which took longer to reach the planet than Kal-L's did and thus landed when she was in late adolescence / early adulthood.  When she arrived, she learned that she had gained super-powers due to Earth's lower gravity and yellow sun, but her powers are not quite as great as Supergirl's.  She was oriented in Terran life and trained as a superheroine by Superman of that Earth's Justice Society, but she became an ardent feminist and had many differences of opinion with him.  After his death, she felt considerable guilt and remorse over not having shown him how much she loved him when he was alive.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #58)

SUPERMAN OF EARTH-2 (Kal-L, aka Clark Kent): The late superhero of Earth-2, former member of the Justice Society, and cousin of Power Girl's.  Kal-L was rocketed from Krypton-2 by his father, Jor-L, gained super-powers under Earth-2's yellow sun and lesser gravity (though his powers were not quite as great as Superman of Earth-1's), and was adopted by John and Mary Kent.  Later, he was trained in his powers' use by a time-and-dimension-travelling Superboy of Earth-1.  After his parents' death and his graduation from college in 1938, Clark Kent became a reporter on the Metropolis Daily Star and began his career as Superman.  In 1940, he helped found the Justice Society.  By the early 1950's, he had married fellow reporter Lois Lane and, soon afterward, became editor of the Daily Star.  In 1985, he perished during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #1)

ANTI-MONITOR: Super-villain who was the ancient foe of the Monitor and sought to destroy all positive-matter universes.  He was destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths largely through the efforts of the two Supergirls and Wildfire, with the help of the Supermen, Power Girl, and the Marvel Family.  (1st app: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #2)

RED KRYPTONITE: Altered form of Kryptonite which has strange and unpredictable effects on Kryptonians.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: Large band of 20th Century super-heroes from Earth-One who banded together to stave off an alien invasion.  Their numbers include Superman, Batman, Aquaman, the Atom, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Wonder Woman, the Phantom Stranger, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Black Canary, Firestorm, the Elongated Man, and Zatanna.  The Flash of Earth-1 is a former member.  (1st app: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28)

TEEN TITANS: Group of 20th Century super-heroes from Earth-One, many of whom are the young proteges of some Justice League members, others of whom have no mentors, but all of whom are younger than most Justice Leaguers.  They originally banded together to fight an alien menace called the Antithesis.  Current members include Nightwing (formerly Robin), Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Speedy, Flash II (Wally West), Raven, Changeling, Starfire, and Kole. (1st app: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #54)

PHANTOM STRANGER: A mysterious hero with supernatural powers whose origins have never been completely explained.  One school of thought suggests that he is a former angel who at first allied himself with Lucifer during the Great Rebellion, then defected to the Light, being shorn of his wings in the process.  He is a member of the Justice League of America.  (1st app: PHANTOM STRANGER #1 (1st series))

CAPTAIN MARVEL (Billy Batson): Super-hero from Earth-S.  Billy Batson, an orphan youth, was given the powers of six ancient gods and heroes by the wizard Shazam in 1940, in order to combat the forces of evil.  When he speaks the word "Shazam", he gains the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Achilles, Zeus, Atlas, and Mercury.  His powers are the equal of Superman's, though he lacks a few of the Man of Steel's abilities such as super-vision.  A member of the Marvel Family and cousin to Mary Marvel.  (1st app: WHIZ COMICS #1)

CAPTAIN MARVEL, JR. (Freddy Freeman): Super-hero from Earth-S, member of the Marvel Family, former member of the Crime Crusaders Club.  Freddy Freeman was crippled by Captain Nazi in an attack that also killed his stepfather.  To save Freddy's life, Captain Marvel asked Shazam to pass along some of his power to him.  Since Captain Marvel was the conduit of Freddy's power, he changes to Captain Marvel, Jr. by saying the name "Captain Marvel".  He remains physically a boy in his other identity, and has Krypton-class powers.  (1st app: WHIZ COMICS #25)

MARY MARVEL (Mary Batson Bromfield): Super-heroine from Earth-S, member of the Marvel Family.  Mary Batson was the long-lost sister of Billy Batson, who was reunited with him years later and learned that Billy was secretly Captain Marvel, and that Freddy Freeman was Captain Marvel, Jr.  When Billy and Freddy were captured and gagged by criminals, Mary spoke the "Shazam" word and was transformed into the female equivalent of Captain Marvel, though physically still a young girl.  The physical ages of the three Marvel Family members were frozen upon their transformations, but Freddy and Mary have asked for the gift of aging from the wizard Shazam and have been granted it, that they may marry each other.  (1st app: CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #18)

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: A large group of Earth-2 superheroes formed in 1940 to resist Hitler's attempt to invade Britain.  Their current members include the Atom, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, the Huntress, Power Girl, Dr. Mid-Nite, Johnny Thunder, the Spectre, Dr. Fate, Robin, the Sandman, Starman, Wonder Woman, Hourman, and several others.  Deceased members include Superman, the original Black Canary, and Mr. Terrific.  (1st app: ALL-STAR COMICS #3)

LOIS LANE OF EARTH-2: Reporter for the Metropolis Daily Star and wife of Superman of Earth-2 until his death during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #1)

WILDCAT I (Ted Grant): Costumed hero of Earth-2 and member of the Justice Society.  Ted Grant was a boxer who was framed for the murder of a then-current champion, but was inspired by the Earth-2 Green Lantern to adopt the costume and identity of Wildcat and clear his name.  After retiring undefeated as world's heavyweight champion, Grant ran a gym and still operated sporadically as Wildcat, until he was crippled during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  He and Power Girl had some squabbles before his tragic accident, which compounds her present guilt.  (1st app: SENSATION COMICS #1)

SAM AND ELLA LANE: Parents of Lois Lane of Earth-1 and Lucy Lane.  Sam Lane is a farmer from Pittsdale.  (1st app: SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #13)

JIMMY OLSEN: Reporter for the Metropolis Daily Planet, sometime super-hero and Legion of Super-Heroes reservist (as Elastic Lad), and best friend of Superman of Earth-1.  He has recently married Lois Lane's sister Lucy after a courtship almost as long as Lois's and Superman's.  (1st app: possibly SUPERMAN #91)

LUCY LANE: Former airline stewardess, younger sister of Lois Lane,  and longtime love interest of Jimmy Olsen, whom she has recently married.  (1st app: SUPERMAN'S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #36)

PERRY WHITE: Editor of the Metropolis Daily Planet, boss of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and many other reporters.  One of Superman's greatest friends.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #120)

ALICE WHITE: Wife of Perry White and mother of Perry White, Jr., Hank White, and Will White.  (1st app: SUPERMAN'S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #42)

MORGAN EDGE: Owner and CEO of Galaxy Communications, which owns the WGBS network and the Daily Planet.  Overboss of Clark Kent and Perry White.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #241)

PETE ROSS: Geologist, former Smallville resident, best friend of Clark Kent's, and a Legion Reservist.  He knows Superman's secret identity, thanks to an accidental revelation of it when he saw Clark changing into Superboy.  He is the father of Jonathan Ross and is a widower.  (1st app:  SUPERBOY #86)

LANA LANG: Former girlfriend of Superboy, one of Clark Kent's best friends, and co-anchor with Clark on the WGBS evening TV news broadcast.  She infrequently assumes the superheroic identity of Insect Girl, in which identity she was a Legion Reservist in her teenage years.  (1st app.: SUPERBOY #10)

BASH BASHFORD: Former Smallville High School athlete and acquaintance of Clark Kent.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #157)

STEVE LOMBARD: Former pro football player, now sports reporter / commentator for WGBS.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #264)

JONATHAN ROSS: Son of Pete Ross.  He learned Superman's secret identity independently of his father.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #457)

ROKYNIANS: Formerly Kryptonians from the city of Kandor, they were abducted and shrunk by Brainiac and placed in a bottle as part of his collection of cities.  Superman recovered the bottle from Brainiac and placed it in his Fortress of Solitude for safekeeping until he could find a way of enlarging them to normal size.  This was finally accomplished on a Krypton-like planet under a red sun, which the Kandorians, numbering in the millions, named Rokyn ("Rao's Gift" in Kryptonian).  Rokyn is a phaseworld and, during part of existence from the 20th to the 25th Centuries, slipped between the dimensions of Earth-1 and another Earth.  In the latter dimension, the star it orbited eventually went nova, but a way was found to prevent Rokyn from leaving the Earth-1 dimension before this happened.  By the 30th Century, Rokyn is decently populated by the descendants of the survivors of ancient Krypton.  But the United Planets insists on strict immigration quotas from Rokyn and Daxam, because their inhabitants have the potential to do great harm on worlds without high gravity and red suns.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252)

KENT FAMILY: Surviving relatives of Jonathan and Martha Kent, who have been deceased since shortly after Clark Kent's graduation from high school.  Identities of all family members have not yet been established, but may include Ezra Kent, Charles "Crusty" Kent (1st app: SUPERBOY #170), and Jillian Kent (1st app:  SUPERMAN FAMILY #191).

BATMAN (Bruce Wayne): Earth-1 costumed hero, member of the Justice League and the Outsiders, former mentor of Nightwing (Robin I) and current mentor of Robin II (Jason Todd).  Best heroic friend of Superman's.  After seeing his parents murdered by holdup man and assassin Joe Chill, young Bruce Wayne dedicated his life to warring on all criminals, and was inspired by the sight of a bat in his mansion to adopt the identity of Batman.  Soon to be husband of Selina Kyle, the Catwoman.  (1st app: possibly SUPERMAN #76)

CATWOMAN (Selina Kyle): Earth-1 costumed heroine, former villainess.  Selina Kyle was the daughter of a pet shop owner, but satisfied her quest for adventure by turning to thievery as the Catwoman, adopting cat-motifs in her crimes.  A long-time foe and love interest of the Batman's, she eventually reformed, became a heroine, and is soon to marry Batman.  (1st app: SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #70)

AQUAMAN (Arthur Curry): Earth-1 superhero, member of the Justice League, and mentor to Aqualad.  The hybrid son of an Atlantean woman and a lighthouse keeper, Arthur Curry grew up with the power to survive underwater, the strength to swim at great speeds, and telepathic powers which enabled him to control all sea life.  Arthur started his superheroic career during his teenage years as Aquaboy and assumed the name Aquaman upon reaching adulthood.  He later became king of Atlantis and husband to Mera, a mer-woman from another dimension.  But when their son, Arthur, Jr., was killed by a super-villain, Mera left him.  Aquaman once headed up an abortive second-generation Justice League of America, but has returned to the regular Justice League in the wake of its failure.  (1st app: possibly ADVENTURE COMICS #218)

J'ONN J'ONZZ, Manhunter from Mars (John Jones): Martian superhero now based on Earth-1, member of the Justice League.  J'onn J'onzz was the leader of the Green Martian resistance to the tyrannical White Martian, Commander Blanx, but was exiled upon his defeat.  Sometime after this, he was brought to Earth by the teleportation device of the late scientist, Dr. Erdel, and used his Martian powers and abilities (comparable to Superman's, but not quite as great, and with added abilities such as chameleon power, telepathy, and invisibility) to fight crime on Earth, adopting the civilian identity of police detective John Jones.  He left Earth for a time to resume his war against Blanx, whom he finally killed, and stayed on the world colonized by surviving Martians as their ruler.  Recently, in the wake of an Earth-Mars conflict, he returned to Earth-1 and resumed his John Jones identity and his place in the League.  (1st app: DETECTIVE COMICS #225)

ATOM (Ray Palmer): Earth-1 super-hero, member of the Justice League of America.  Ray Palmer was a scientist who discovered a means of shrinking himself through a lens created from white dwarf star matter, from which he created his red and blue costume.  Though he can shrink to subatomic size, the Atom usually operates at six-inch height.  Former husband of Jean Loring Palmer. (1st app: SHOWCASE #35)

WONDER WOMAN (Diana Prince): Earth-1 super-heroine, member of the Justice League of America, mentor of Wonder Girl.  Diana was first a clay statue of a baby girl carved by Queen Hippolyte of the Amazons on Paradise Island, but was given life by Aphrodite.  She was blessed with great powers of strength, speed, and wisdom by the gods of Olympus and grew up among the Amazons on their isolated island in the Bermuda Triangle.  Later, Lt. Steve Trevor crash-landed his plane on the island, and Diana won a competition to take him back to Man's World and serve there as a super-heroine, equipped with a magic lasso, Amazonium bracelets, and a transparent Robot Plane.  Wonder Woman has recently married Steve Trevor. (1st app: possibly WONDER WOMAN #78)

GREEN ARROW (Oliver Queen): Earth-1 costumed hero, member of the Justice League of America, former mentor of Speedy.  Oliver Queen was the wealthy heir of the Queen diamond fortune, but was stranded on a desert island when thrown off a ship.  There, he learned to fend for himself, creating a bow and arrow and learning how to use it with great accuracy, as well as fashioning trick arrows to help him catch fish.  He adopted a disguise while battling mutineers from the ship who landed on the island, and, when back in America again, continued his crimefighting career as the Green Arrow.  Later he became guardian of Roy Harper, who adopted the identity of Speedy.  Still later, he created a new costume, lost his fortune, became the partner of Green Lantern, and took up with Black Canary, whom he is soon to marry.  His politics are possibly the most left-wing of the League's, though he is mostly just a liberal Democrat.  (1st app:  possibly ADVENTURE COMICS #218)

BLACK CANARY II (Dinah Lance): Earth-1 costumed heroine, member of the Justice League of America.  Dinah Lance is the daughter of the late Larry Lance and the late Dinah Drake Lance, Black Canary I.  She was given a destructive sonic power by the Wizard in infancy, which the Justice Society could not cure, and was thus sent into a mystical dimension between Earths in suspended animation, in which she grew to young womanhood.  When the original Black Canary died due to radiation received during a battle with Aquarius, she passed on her memories to her daughter, who was brought from the intermediate dimension to Earth-1 by Superman.  For years, she did not know she was not the original Black Canary, and, gaining control of her canary cry, quickly won membership in the Justice League.  Later she became Green Arrow's lover and is soon to marry him.  (1st app: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #75)

GREEN LANTERN (Hal Jordan): Earth-1 super-hero, member of the Justice League of America and the Green Lantern Corps.  Hal Jordan, a test pilot, was born without fear and thus was a suitable replacement for Abin Sur, the dying Green Lantern of his space-sector, who passed on to him his costume, his power ring, and his Power Battery, all given to him by the Guardians of the Universe.  The Power Ring can transform Green Lantern's thoughts into energy or matter, though it has an inherent weakness that prevents it from working on anything colored yellow and must be recharged at the Power Battery once every 24 hours.  For a time, Hal gave up the Green Lantern identity and was replaced by architect John Stewart, but he eventually regained his status and costume when the dying Tomar-Re passed his own ring on to him.  Hal heads up a team of Green Lanterns who operate on Earth, but also functions with the Justice League.  He is soon to marry his long-time love interest, Carol Ferris.  (1st app: SHOWCASE #22)

HAWKMAN (Katar Hol, aka Carter Hall): A Justice League memeber and policeman from the planet Thanagar, whose artificial wings and anti-gravity belt enable him to fly.  Hawkman came with his wife Hawkgirl to Earth in search of the criminal Byth, and was helped by Commissioner Emmet of Midway City to establish the cover identity of Carter Hall, museum curator.  After defeating Byth, Hawkman and Hawkgirl asked for and received permission to stay on Earth, where they fought criminals and eventually both gained entrance into the Justice League of America.  Their best friends and partners include the Atom and Adam Strange.  Since his departure, Thanagar has become a tyranny, causing great problems for the Hawk-couple. (1st app: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34)

HAWKWOMAN (Shayera Hol, aka Shiera Hall): A Justice League member, policewoman from Thanagar, wife of Hawkman, and formerly known as Hawkgirl.  She also uses artificial wings and anti-gravity belt to fly, and is an equal partner with her husband.  (1st app: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34)

FIRESTORM (Ronnie Raymond, Prof. Martin Stein): A fused-double superhero and member of the Justice League of America.  Firestorm was created when student Ronnie Raymond and Professor Martin Stein were fused by radiation from an exploding nuclear reactor into a powerful super-being with energy-blasting and matter-transmuting powers.  Both must merge into Firestorm to create the hero, though Ronnie usually remains in control of Firestorm, unless unconscious.  (1st app: FIRESTORM #1)

RED TORNADO (John Smith): An android member of the Justice League and former Justice Society member, the Red Tornado was created when criminal scientist T. O. Morrow infused an alien being known as the Tornado Champion into an artificial body he had created, in order to actuate a plot against the two Justice teams.  The Red Tornado rebelled against his creator and became a JSA member, later coming to Earth-1 and joining the Justice League.  The Red Tornado is capable of rotating his body parts at hyper-speed and, with the Tornado Champion's power, creating powerful air vortices.  For a short time during the Crisis, he was disassembled and the Tornado Champion almost went wild, but the Justice League managed to reassemble his body and get him safely back within it.  (1st app: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #64)

GREEN LANTERN CORPS: The star-spanning group of super-heroes who, deputized and given Power Rings and Power Batteries by the Guardians of the Universe, help preserve law and order throughout the galaxy.  Members mentioned here by Green Arrow include Medphyl, Stel, Xax, and the Green Lantern of a fish-world.  Ones currently operating on Earth with Hal Jordan include Katma Tui, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kilowog, and Ch'p.  (1st app: GREEN LANTERN (2nd series) #11)

STEVE TREVOR: USAF pilot and counter-intelligence agent, and husband to Wonder Woman.  Lt. Trevor's aircraft crash-landed on Paradise Island, and he was nursed back to health by Princess Diana, who returned with him to Man's World as Wonder Woman.  The two had an extremely long courtship that endured through Trevor's two deaths and revivals, and recently married before the events of this story.  (1st app: possibly WONDER WOMAN #78)

OUTSIDERS: A group of super-heroes formed by Batman to take care of an emergency in another nation when the Justice League, not wanting to get involved in a political situation, refused.  Its membership includes Batman, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Halo, Katana, Looker, Geo-Force, Steel, and Vixen.  (1st app: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200)

VIXEN (Mari Jiwe Macabe): Earth-1 superheroine, former member of the Justice League of America, now a member of the Outsiders.  Mari Macabe's father was slain by his half-brother for the possession of the Tantu Totem, a power object that endows its owner with the powers of animals.  She fled to America, became a model and businesswoman, and regained the Tantu Totem from her uncle, using its powers to establish her identity as the Vixen.  She was recruited by Aquaman for the "new Justice League", which turned out to be a fiasco and was disbanded.  Afterwards, she accepted an invitation from Batman to join the Outsiders.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #521)

STEEL II (Hank Heywood III): Earth-1 superhero, former member of the Justice League of America, now a member of the Outsiders.  Hank was orphaned when his father died in the Vietnam War and his mother perished from breast cancer a year afterward.  He was raised after that by his grandfather, the original Steel from Earth-Two, and his father's best friend, Dale Gunn.  In Dale's abscence, Hank Heywood I forced his grandson to submit to operations that rebuilt his body with metallic reinforcements and servo-motors, turning him into a steel-hard, super-strong hero in the original Steel's own image.  When the new Justice League was formed, Hank I had the new Steel made a member, but later reneged and tried to make him leave the team.  Steel II refused, and eventually both came to blows, but the new Steel won the battle.  He remained with the League until it was disbanded as a fiasco and joined the Outsiders at Batman's invitation.  (1st app: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ANNUAL #1)

VIBE (Paco Ramone): Earth-1 superhero with vibratory powers and former member of the Justice League.  He was recruited by Aquaman, but lost his membership when the "new JLA" was disbanded.  Now attempting, without much luck, to make it as an entertainer.  (1st app: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ANNUAL #1)

GYPSY (Cindy Reynolds): Earth-1 superheroine and former Justice League member with the ability to blend like a chameleon into her surroundings. A young street urchin with no memory of her past, Gypsy was recruited by Aquaman into the "new JLA".  In the wake of its disbanding, she regained her memory and rejoined her family, and has since given up any superheroic activity in favor of living a normal life. (1st app.: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ANNUAL #1)

RA'S AL GHUL: Earth-1 villain and nemesis of the Batman.  Ra's is an Arabic villain who has survived for centuries with the aid of a Lazarus Pit, whose chemicals restore him to life every time he physically "dies" after he is immersed in them.  He controls the League of Assassins and is the father of Talia, whom he once attempted to marry to the Batman as a means of bringing him in as his successor.  Despite his real attraction to Talia (and there is a possibility he may have fathered a child by her), Batman refused to become her husband and fought Ra's in many encounters.  What will develop in the light of Batman's upcoming marriage to Catwoman has yet to be revealed.  (1st app: BATMAN #232)

TALIA: Daughter of Ra's Al Ghul and one-time lover of the Batman, who may have fathered her child.  How she will react to his marriage to Catwoman has yet to be revealed.  (1st app: DETECTIVE COMICS #411.

KOBRA (Burr): Earth-1 villain.  One half of a set of identical twins born in New Delhi, India, with a physical empathy between them.  He was stolen at birth by the Cobra Cult and raised to be their leader, trained in every martial art and every form of villainy.  However, Kobra, as he came to be known, was impaired by the fact that he felt every sensation that his brother did, and vice versa.  He got around this by bypassing their link with a "neural neutralizer" and killing his brother.  Kobra is an extremely deadly foe, and has faced a number of individual Justice Leaguers, but his primary foe now is Batman, with the Outsiders opposing him on several occasions.  (1st app: KOBRA #1)

ELONGATED MAN (Ralph Dibny): Earth-1 super-hero and member of the Justice League of America.  Ralph Dibny, a fan of India rubber men in the circus, discovered that the secret to their elasticity was in the fruit of the ginkgo tree, whose essence he distilled and used to give himself super-stretching powers.  He started out as a friend and partner to the Flash, later marrying Sue Dearborn and having a successful career as a celebrity and amateur detective, and finally was admitted to the Justice League.

THE FLASH (Barry Allen): Earth-1 super-hero, former mentor of Kid Flash,  and member of the Justice League of America.  Barry Allen was given super-speed powers when he was struck by a combination of chemicals which had in turn been struck by lightning.  He took the name of his favorite comic-book hero, The Flash (who, unknown to him, was really alive on another Earth), and began fighting crime in Central City, later marrying Iris West.  He helped found the Justice League, and, much later, left the 20th Century in the wake of being tried and convicted of murdering his evil counterpart, Professor Zoom, in order to stop the villain from committing murder himself.  The Flash was abducted from an alternate 30th Century (where he had been reunited with his wife) by the Anti-Monitor.  Whether he survived the Crisis and returned to his wife, or died destroying an anti-matter cannon of the Anti-Monitor's, has never been revealed, and may never be.

ZOR-EL: Kryptonian scientist, brother of Jor-El, uncle of Superman, husband of Allura Zor-El, and father of Supergirl.  He created the plastic bubble that enabled Argo City to survive in space when it was flung skyward by the explosion of Krypton.  Later, when meteors pierced the lead covering over the land and exposed the populance to Anti-Kryptonite, Zor-El sent his daughter Kara to Earth in a rocket, where she became Supergirl.  Unknown to her, Zor-El and Allura survived by being projected into the Survival Zone, a dimension similar to the Phantom Zone but on another wavelength.  They were freed from the Zone years later and were reunited with Supergirl, later going to live in the bottle city of Kandor.  Upon its enlargement, Zor-El and Allura became citizens of Rokyn, and still keep in touch with their famous daughter.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252)

ALLURA ZOR-EL (formerly ALLURA IN-ZE): Wife of Zor-El and mother of Supergirl.  See ZOR-EL.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252)

UNITED PLANETS: A confederation of worlds in the 30th Century, banded together for mutual benefit and protection.

SCIENCE POLICE: The main police agency on Earth, whose name comes from their appliance of all current scientific methods to crime detection and law enforcement.

DAXAM: A Krypton-like world beneath a red sun, whose inhabitants gain Superman-like powers under lesser gravity and outside the radiations of a red star.  Their main distinction from Kryptonians is their weakness to lead, and an exposure to this substance is almost always fatal to them.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #86)

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: A large group of youthful heroes from many planets throughout the universe, each of whom possess at least one power unique to humanity.  They were founded after three outworld youths, Imra Ardeen, Garth Ranzz, and Rokk Krinn, saved the life of wealthy industrialist R. J. Brande from assassins.  Brande saw the potential to build a group of young super-heroes to defend civilization, and bankrolled them, christening the three youths Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Cosmic Boy, respectively.  The Legion grew quickly to large size and even recruited Superboy and Supergirl from the 20th Century, since both of them had time-travelling powers.  At the time of this story, Superboy has resigned his active membership, since he has now left Smallville to attend college at Metropolis University.  Supergirl, who had been a Reservist for some time, is now an active member with detatched status.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #247)

PHANTOM GIRL (Tinya Wazzo): 30th Century superheroine from Bgztl, a parallel Earth, and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Phantom Girl has the ability to phase herself between Bgztl and Earth-One, thus becoming immaterial.  She is the current love interest of Ultra Boy.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #276)

RAVEN: Earth-1 superheroine and member of the Teen Titans.  The daughter of a demon named Trigon and an Earthwoman named Arella, she was trained in the control of her emotions by the "goddess" Azar, lest she give her father a gateway to Earth by her turmoil.  She has the power to take on another person's hurt and injury and dissipate it, experiencing it in her own body while doing so.  She can also phase between dimensions and thus teleport herself, and can release her "soul-self", an entity of considerable power.  She sought out and banded together the young heroes who became the new Teen Titans, and helped them win several decisive victories against her father and other villains.  During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, she saved the lives of both Supergirls after their battle with the Anti-Monitor, though she was not able to save Superman of Earth-2.  (1st app: DC COMICS PRESENTS #26)

FATAL FIVE: A 30th Century team of five super-villains, ironically brought together by the Legion of Super-Heroes, who would become their greatest enemies, in order to save Earth from the Sun-Eater.  The Fatal Five consist of Tharok, a humanoid with a half-robot body and brain which boosts his intelligence to incredible levels; Validus, possibly the strongest mortal being in the universe, who is secretly the time-lost son of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad; the Emerald Empress, who commands a floating Emerald Eye of Ekron with magical energy-powers; Mano, a mutant who must breathe polluted air from a helmet and a disk on whose palm can disintegrate any known matter; and the Persuader, a powerful assassin and enforcer whose Atomic Axe can cleave through matter and energy.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #352)

SUN BOY (Dirk Morgna): A 30th Century hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Dirk Morgna gained the power to radiate solar heat and light after being locked in an atomic reactor by the super-villain, Dr. Regulus.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #290)

COSMIC BOY (Rokk Krinn): A 30th Century hero and founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Cosmic Boy is a native of the planet Braal, whose inhabitants evolved magnetic powers to battle metallic monsters on that world.  He is the love interest of Night Girl.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #247)

LIGHTNING LAD (Garth Ranzz): A 30th Century hero and founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Garth Ranzz, a native of the planet Winath, was endowed with lightning powers, as were his brother Mekt and his sister Ayla, when they were attacked by a band of lightning monsters on the planet Korbal.  When Mekt ran away from home to become a criminal on Earth, Garth went Garth went in search of him, met up with the future Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl on the way, helped save the life of wealthy R. J. Brande, and became one of the first three Legionnaires as Lightning Lad.  He once died in battle from a freeze-ray but was revived through the sacrifice of Proty II, and once lost an arm but had it regrown.  Currently, he is married to Saturn Girl.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #247)

SATURN GIRL (Imra Ardeen): A 30th Century heroine and founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Imra Ardeen is a native of Saturn's moon of Titan, on which everyone has telepathic powers, but hers are developed to an astonishing degree.  She went to Earth in search of a career, got involved in the R.J. Brande incident, and subsequently became a founding Legionnaire.  Currently she is married to Lightning Lad and is the mother of two sons, one of whom, unknown to her, is Validus.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #247)

LIGHTNING LASS (Ayla Ranzz): Sister of Lightning Lad and Lightning Lord, a 30th Century super-heroine and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Ayla Ranzz gained lightning powers in the same incident that empowered her brothers Garth and Mekt.  Later, after Lightning Lad's death, she cut her hair and disguised herself as her brother, pretending to have revived from a deathlike coma, and aided the Legionnaires on a case.  But she was revealed to be a girl during that incident, and, after she confessed, was allowed to join the Legion as Lightning Lass.  Later, after Lightning Lad's revival and reinstatement, Dream Girl used her Naltorian science to change Ayla's powers to the ability to make things super-light, but she regained her original powers in time.  (1st app.: ADVENTURE COMICS #308)

DAWNSTAR: 30th Century super-heroine and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Dawnstar is a mutant American Indian born on the planet Starhaven, with super-tracking abilities, huge white wings which can propel her through the air or through space (possibly in conjunction with some telekinetic abilities), super-flight speed, and the ability to survive in space unaided.  She was the love interest of Wildfire, who could not physically reciprocate that love due to his existence as an energy being, and thus found herself in a love affair with a man named Jhodan on another planet.  The guilt over this affair was compounded by the apparent death of Wildfire during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and she is currently in great emotional turmoil.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #225)

ULTRA BOY (Jo Nah): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Jo Nah gained super-powers after he and his spacecraft were swallowed whole by an energy-monster in space, which was later sliced open by another craft to free him.  The energies of the beast's body imbued him with all the powers of Superboy, including Penetra-Vision, which can even see through lead, but he can only utilize his energy for one power at a time.  I.e., while using super-strength, he is not invulnerable, and so on.  Ultra Boy's one weakness is radioactivity, against which even his invulnerability powers will not protect him.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #98)

CHAMELEON BOY (Reep Daggle):   30th Century hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Reep Daggle is a Durlan, whose inhabitants have the ability to transform their bodies into almost any shape imaginable.  As such, he is head of the Legion's Espionage Squad, since his disguise abilities make him a natural for undercover work.  He is actually the son of Legion founder R. J. Brande, which he discovered years after joining the Legion.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #267)

ELEMENT LAD (Jan Arrah): 30th Century hero and current leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Element Lad is a native of the planet Trom, whose inhabitants had evolved the ability to move elements up or down the periodic table, changing them into any other element.  All the people of Trom, save himself, were wiped out in a battle with space pirates, but he escaped to Earth, where he joined the Legion under the alias Mystery Lad.  By the end of his first case, he had helped the Legion capture the pirate leader and took on the identity of Element Lad.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #307)

BLOK: 30th Century hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Blok is a sentient rock-being from the planet Dryad whose body possesses great mass, near-invulnerability, and super-strength.  His planet was destroyed and he was initially tricked by the League of Super-Assassins into thinking the Legion of Super-Heroes was responsible.  After battling the Legion, Blok eventually learned that they were guiltless of Dryad's demise and reformed, becoming a Legionnaire shortly thereafter.  (1st app: SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #253)

COLOSSAL BOY (Gim Allon): 30th Century hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Gim Allon is an Israeli Jew in training with the Science Police when, on a Martian vacation, he was irradiated by a strange meteor and gained the power to expand himself to giant size.  He joined the Legion of Super-Heroes as Colossal Boy, later marrying a Durlan woman.  His mother, Marte Allon, is a former president of Earth.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #267)

SHRINKING VIOLET (Salu Digby): 30th Century super-heroine and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Salu was born on Earth of parents from the planet Imsk, where everyone has super-shrinking powers.  She subsequently attempted to  joined the Legion and was admitted on her second application.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #276)

WHITE WITCH (Mysa Nal): 30th Century super-heroine, sister of Dream Girl,  and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  A native of Naltor, where precognitive powers are natural to the population, Mysa had no such abilities.  She left Naltor, went to the Sorceror's World of Zerox, and learned she had great potential as a practitioner of magic.  Her studies there were interrupted by the rise to power of Mordru, who had her sent away, and she came under the influence of Prince Evillo, who transformed her into the Hag, a super-villainess.  Her sister Nura and several other Legionnaires freed her from the spell and restored her to normalcy.  She aided the Legion on several occasions thereafter and finally joined after participating in their great battle against Darkseid.  Unlike her sister, she possesses two antennae which project from the sides of her brow.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #350)

MON-EL (Lar Gand): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Lar Gand is a native of Daxam, a Krypton-like world whose inhabitants, under a yellow sun and low gravity, gain powers equivalent to Superman's.  He was born in the 20th Century and came to Krypton briefly, five days before its destruction, gaining a space-map from Jor-El.  Years later, he landed on Earth, suffering from amnesia, and his powers and Jor-El's map in his possession convinced Superboy that Lar was his big brother.  Since he was found on a Monday, and Superboy's family name was El, the Boy of Steel dubbed him "Mon-El".  Later, however, Mon-El was exposed to lead, which is fatal to Daxamites, and regained his memory.  Superboy was forced to send him to the Phantom Zone to save his life, in which he remained for roughly 1,000 years.  Finally, in the 30th Century, Brainiac 5 found an antidote serum for him, and Mon-El was liberated from the Zone to become a Legionnaire.  He is currently the love interest of Shadow Lass.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #89)

SHADOW LASS (Tasmia Mallor): 30th Century super-heroine, cousin of Shadow Lad and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Tasmia Mallor, daughter of a long line of champions on her native world of Talok VIII, and her cousin both gained the power to project vast amounts of darkness from a black cloud in a cave.  She helped lead the Legion of Super-Heroes in an adventure that liberated Talok VIII from the Fatal Five, and joined the team on that adventure.  Currently, she is the love interest of Mon-El.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #365)

Meta: Hellsister 2

ZEROX: Sorceror's world, populated by exiled magicians from Earth.  Currently ruled by Mordru.

MORDRU: Evil sorceror and foe of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Mordru is possessed of incredible magical power and knowledge, and has generally drained the mystic ability of the populance of Zerox to augment his own.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #369)

SATAN GIRL: Evil clone of Supergirl created by Red Kryptonite exposure.  Originally, she remerged with Supergirl after the Red K exposure wore off.  But she has been completely separated from Kara's body now and exists as a separate being.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #313)

NIGHT GIRL (Lydda Jath): 30th Century super-heroine and member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes.  She was given super-powers by her scientist father, but they are only effective in darkness or at night.  She is the current love interest of Cosmic Boy.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #306)

STREAKY: Supercat, member of the Legion of Super-Pets.  He gained super-powers from exposure to a chunk of X-Kryptonite.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #261)

KRYPTO: Superdog, member of the Legion of Super-Pets.  Originally the pet of baby Kal-El on Krypton, Krypto was used as a test animal in a trial flight of one of Jor-El's rockets.  It was knocked off-course by a meteor, eventually bringing Krypto to Earth, where he joined Superboy.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #210)

BEPPO: Super-Monkey, member of the Legion of Super-Pets.  One of Jor-El's test animals which snuck into Kal-El's rocket and was brought to Earth.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #76)

COMET (Biron): Super-Horse, member of the Legion of Super-Pets.  Formerly a centaur from ancient Greece, who saved Circe from a murder attempt by a rival sorceror.  She tried to reward him with a potion that would give him an all-human form, but the sorceror switched brews on her and Biron drank one that turned him into a full horse.  To make up for the error, Circe magically endowed him with Kryptonian-style super-powers and telepathic ability, and the power to become fully human temporarily when within sight of a real comet.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #293)

COMPUTO: The computer that runs Legion Headquarters.  At several points in its existence, it was the deadly enemy of the Legion.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #340)

ADOLF HITLER: Former dictator of Nazi Germany. Briefly occupied Superboy's body for a time, in the 30th Century.
RAO: Kryptonian name for God.

PHANTOM ZONE: A shadowy dimension adjacent to Earth-One, within which Kryptonian criminals were placed by means of a "Phantom Zone projector", which was invented by Jor-El.  The inmates live a phantasmal existence, unable to touch the material world unless released by a space-warp or by the Zone projector, but can observe the cosmos from their vantage point.  Some famous inmates include Jax-Ur, General Zod, and Faora Hu-Ul.  In the Legion's time, only Gazor remains in the Zone.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #283)

GAZOR: A Kryptonian scientist who wished to destroy the planet, making sure it would not survive him.  Jor-El thwarted his operation, and he was sentenced to life in the Phantom Zone without possibility of pardon.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #323)

JOSEF STALIN: Dictator of Soviet Russia from 1929-53.

ANTI-KRYPTONITE: A variety of Kryptonite which is only harmful to non-powered Kryptonians (and, possibly, to humans).  The ground under Argo City was transformed into this element by the destruction of Krypton.

ARGO CITY: Birthplace of Supergirl and, formerly, one of the great cities of old Krypton.  It was enclosed within a plastic weather-shield bubble of Zor-El's invention. This retained its atmosphere and probably kept the city beneath it in one piece when it was flung from Krypton into space during the Destruction.  The land beneath it was transformed into anti-Kryptonite, but Zor-El directed the operation that covered it safely beneath lead.  Years later, a meteor shower pierced the bubble and the lead covering, and all Argonians died save for Zor-El, Allura, and Kara.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252)

NIGHTFLAME: A gigantic sword-wielding woman who was a manifestation of evil from within Supergirl's brain.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #421)

MICHAEL MOORCOCK: Creator of Elric and other heroic fantasy characters and writer of innumerable science fiction and fantasy books, usually linked through the Eternal Champion.  Once a favorite author of Supergirl's, though she drifted away from his work.

GEOFF ANDERSON: Former co-worker of Linda Danvers at KSFTV in San Francisco.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #406)

TAKRON-GALTOS: 30th Century prison planet.  Many of the Legion's greatest enemies are or have been housed there.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Multiversal conflict brought on by the battle between the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, involving heroes and villains from many Earths.  Some positive-matter universes perished in this event, as did Superman of Earth-Two, but two Supergirls and Wildfire finally destroyed the Anti-Monitor and brought the Crisis to a close.  (1st app: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #1)

INFINITE MAN (Jaxon Rugarth): 30th Century super-villain and enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Former professor at Metropolis's Time Institute who gained incredible powers in a test to determine whether or not time was circular.  Now possesses some control over the fabric of time itself.  (1st app: SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #233)

LEGION OF SUPER-VILLAINS: Large 30th Century organization of super-villains, enemies of the Legion of Super-Heroes, whose membership includes Lightning Lord, Cosmic King, and Saturn Queen.  They were brought together by Tarik the Mute, whose voicebox had been destroyed by a stray shot from a policeman.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #147)

SUN-EATER: A semi-living weapon developed by the Controllers, which consumed entire stars.  When a renegade Controller sent one such Sun-Eater towards Earth's sun, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Fatal Five combined forces to destroy it, though Ferro Lad died in the process.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #352)

ABNEGAZAR, RATH, AND GHAST: Three demons who ruled the Earth a billion years ago, before the rise of humanity.  They were imprisoned by the Timeless Ones, but released in the 20th Century by Felix Faust.  The Justice League of America (and, later, the Justice Society and Legion of Super-Heroes) opposed and reimprisoned them several times.  (1st app: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #10)

MAGIC WAR: Sorcerous conflict that will take place on Earth in the 21st Century.  Tim Hunter, a wizard, will either be the leader of the forces of good or evil in it, or may not be involved at all, depending on variables in the timeline.  (1st app: THE BOOKS OF MAGIC #4)

JOHN CONSTANTINE: 20th Century sorceror known for his involvement in the Crisis on Infinite Earths and many other mystic conflicts, including the upcoming Magic War in the 21st Century.  A former lover (and probably current) lover of Zatanna who has worked with almost all the most powerful sorcerors on several Earths and encountered the Endless as well, Constantine isn't the most powerful sorceror around, but is known as a schemer, a strategist, a scruff, and a one-time punk band singer.  (1st app: SWAMP THING (2nd series) #37)

TIM HUNTER: A young boy and mage of great potential whom John Constantine will encounter sometime after the events of Hellsister.  Though as of yet he has no idea of his capacities, when he reaches adulthood he will almost certainly be a major figure in the Magic War of the 21st Century.  (1st app: BOOKS OF MAGIC #1)

DR. OCCULT: An Earth-2 sorceror and member of the All-Star Squadron.  Dr. Occult operated as a "ghost detective" in the 1930's, resurfaced briefly in the 1940's in a couple of cases of the All-Star Squadron, and finally returned during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which he and a group of other mystics gathered by John Constantine dealt with The Dark.  Shortly after the events of Hellsister, he will help Constantine and several other mystics track down Tim Hunter.  (1st app: NEW FUN COMICS #6)

LAUREL KENT: 30th Century descendant of Superman and trainee at the Legion Academy.  Laurel Kent has exhibited the power of invulnerability, but has not demonstrated any other super-powers hitherto this story.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #217)

DEV-EM: 30th Century secret agent for the United Planets Intelligence Corps, formerly a Kryptonian from the 20th Century.  Dev-Em was a juvenile delinquent on Krypton, who nonetheless heeded Jor-El's warning of Krypton's impending doom.  He managed to save himself and his family, and made troubles briefly for Superboy on Earth before going to the 30th Century, reforming, and becoming a spy for the United Planets.  He has aided the Legion of Super-Heroes on several occasions.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #287)

Meta: Hellsister 3

BLACK ADAM: Earth-S super-villain, enemy of the Marvel Family.  Originally Teth-Adam of ancient Egypt, the wizard Shazam endowed him with the power of seven gods and heroes of his time, hoping he would fight for justice.  Instead, he almost murdered the reigning Pharaoh in an attempt to usurp the throne.  Shazam banished him to the farthest known part of the universe, but, by 1946, he returned and faced Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., Mary Marvel, and Uncle Marvel.  Black Adam crumbled to dust at the end of that adventure, but was revived by Dr. Sivana in the 1970's and has fought the Marvels on frequent occasions.  His powers are the same as Captain Marvel's, and roughly Krypton-class.  (1st app: MARVEL FAMILY #1)

DR. FATE: Earth-2 super-hero, member of the Justice Society of America and All-Star Squadron.  Kent Nelson, an archaeologist, was given the Helmet of Order in the valley of Ur by Nabu, a Lord of Order, whose spirit possesses him when he dons the helmet.   Dr. Fate is one of the greatest practitioners of magic among super-heroes.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #55)

DARKSEID: Master of Apokolips and one of the greatest of all super-villains, if not the greatest.  He started one of the great wars between Apokolips and New Genesis by killing the wife of Izaya (Highfather), and started another by violating the pact of noninterference with Earth.  He is the father of Orion of the New Gods and foster father of Mr. Miracle.  He survived, despite more than one apparent death, from the 20th Century into the 30th, wherein he attacked the Legion of Super-Heroes, almost killing Supergirl in that conflict.  (1st app: SUPERMAN'S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #134)

RON-EM: Father of Dev-Em and next-door neighbor of Jor-El, Kal-El, and Lara.  He and his family survived the destruction of Krypton thanks to Dev-Em's planning.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #287)

YOUTH POLICE: Part of Krypton's police force, which specialized in underage criminals.

LEETA RON-EM: Mother of Dev-Em and wife of Ron-Em.  She survived the destruction of Krypton along with the rest of her family thanks to Dev-Em's planning.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #287)

JOR-EL: Father of Superman, husband of Lara Jor-El, uncle of Supergirl, and master scientist of Krypton.  Jor-El invented the Phantom Zone projector and performed extensive experiments in rocketry, but, most importantly, was one of the few people who realized that Krypton was about to explode.  When the ruling Science Council of Krypton refused to heed him, Jor-El managed to send baby Kal-El to Earth in a rocket just before Krypton exploded, killing him and Lara.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #101)

DOUGLAS PARKER: Chief of Smallville police during Superboy's time and for some years thereafter.  Chief Parker was a trusted friend of Superboy's and still lives in Smallville.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #225?)

AR-UAL: Phantom Zone villainess and enemy of Superman and Wonder Woman. Ar-Ual planned to exploit some alien inventions she had found to make herself a fortune, but destroyed them rather than relinquish them to the police.  Since the devices would have improved Kryptonian life considerably, she was sentenced to the Phantom Zone.  Much later, she escaped the Zone, captured Diana Prince (who had relinquished her Amazon powers for a time), and impersonated her, hoping to romance Superman and set him up for a deathtrap later on.  Superman and Lois Lane foiled her and returned her to the Zone.  (1st app: SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #93)

Meta: Hellsister 4

PROFESSOR ZOOM (aka Reverse-Flash) (Eobard Thawne): 25th Century super-villain, member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains,  and foe of The Flash.  Recovered a Flash costume from a "time satellite" and used it to give himself super-speed, reversing the colors of the costume.  He became a super-villain and was defeated by the Flash on numerous occasions.  Shortly after the events of this story, he will return to the 20th Century and set in motion the chain of events that will lead to Iris West's "death" and his own death at the hands of the Flash.  (1st app: THE FLASH #139)

SHAZAM: Ancient Egyptian wizard, formerly the hero Vlarem, who endowed Black Adam and the Marvel Family with the powers of various gods and heroes.  Though physically destroyed, his spirit lived on to the 20th Century and beyond.  (1st app: WHIZ COMICS #2)

SHU: Egyptian god whose endurance was passed on to Black Adam.

HERSHEF: Egyptian god whose strength was passed on to Black Adam.

AMON: Egyptian god whose power was passed on to Black Adam.

ZEHUTI: Egyptina god whose wisdom was passed on to Black Adam.

ANPU: Egyptian god whose speed was passed on to Black Adam.

MENTHU: Egyptian god whose courage was passed on to Black Adam.

Meta: Hellsister 5

TITAN: Moon of Saturn and homeworld of Saturn Girl's race, which is telepathic.

DON AND DAWN ALLEN: Descendants of the Flash of Earth-One.  It has not yet been explained how they came to be in the Legion's timeline, since the Flash lives in an alternate 30th Century timeline, but it is possible they made a transdimensional trip.  They were once given super-speed powers temporarily as part of a Flash Day celebration, and encountered the Legion of Super-Heroes as super-speedsters.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #373)

KID PSYCHO (Gnill Opral): 30th Century super-hero and former member of the Legion Reserve.  Kid Psycho was a native of Hajor, born with the power to project impenetrable force-fields with his mind.  But, since the usage of his power subtracted about a year of his lifespan each time, he was not allowed full membership in the Legion.  He died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #125)

WILDFIRE (Drake Burroughs): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Formerly a Metropolis University student, Burroughs was transformed into living anti-energy by a laboratory accident, and was given human form by a containment suit.  Wildfire was apparently killed in an explosion which destroyed the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #195)

SUPER-HEROES OF LALLOR: A group of teenaged 30th Century mutant heroes who operate on the planet Lallor.  By name, they are Duplicate Boy (the former romantic interest of Shrinking Violet), Evolvo Lad, Gas Girl, and Life Lass.  (Beast Boy II, an original member of the group, has since perished.)  They first met the Legion as enemies when they were manipulated by one of the latter group's foes, but soon became the Legionnaires' allies.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #324)

WANDERERS: 30th Century group of heroes from another part of the universe, whose membership includes Celebrand, Dartalg, Elvo, Immorto, Ornitho, Psyche, and Quantum Queen.  The Legionnaires met them first as friends, then as foes after the Wanderers were temporarily corrupted by a cosmic cloud, becoming their allies again after the evil influence wore off.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #375)

TELLUS (Ganglios): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Tellus is a water-breathing telepath from the planet Hykralus with mind-reading, thought-casting, and psychokinetic powers.  (1st app: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2nd series) #304)

POLAR BOY (Brek Bannin): 30th Century super-hero, former leader of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, current member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Polar Boy is a native of Tharr, all of whose inhabitants have the power to project intense cold.  He was rejected by the Legion as an applicant due to his imperfect control over his abilities at first, but soon formed the Legion of Substitute Heroes with several other super-powered youths who had gotten similar rejections.  Years later, he was accepted into the Legion of Super-Heroes after the Substitutes were disbanded.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #306)

MAGNETIC KID (Pol Krinn): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Magnetic Kid is the younger brother of Cosmic Boy and has the same magnetic powers as all natives of Braal, his homeworld.  After his mother died in a "fireballing" terrorist incident in Metropolis which also injured him and his father, Pol Krinn decided to apply to the Legion, and was admitted as a member when Cosmic Boy opted to become an inactive member.  (Cosmic Boy has since rejoined the Legion, but Magnetic Kid remains a member.)  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #335)

SENSOR GIRL (Princess Projectra): 30th Century super-heroine and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Projectra is the daughter of the royal family of Orando and was endowed with the power to project illusions by a sorceress at her birth.  As Princess Projectra, she applied for membership with the Legion and was accepted.  She eventually fell in love with Karate Kid, married him, resigned from the Legion with him and became ruler of Orando.  But, after Karate Kid's death at the hands of Nemesis Kid, whom she in turn killed, she removed Orando from Earth's dimension and was sentenced by the elders of that world to do penance on Earth for bringing "chaos" to Orando.  Under the secret identity of Sensor Girl, with only Saturn Girl knowing her true identity, she applied once again for Legion membership and was admitted.  She now possesses super-senses, hence her new heroic name.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #346)

POWER BOY (Jed Rikane): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion Academy, Jed Rikane possesses the ability to increase his physical density, which gives him super-strength and durability. (1st app: SUPERBOY #?)

DARK CIRCLE: A large group of clone-warriors whose sources are a band of alien conquerors from five different worlds and who have threatened the United Planets and the Legion of Super-Heroes on several different occasions.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #267)

BUD ABBOTT and LOU COSTELLO: A 20th Century team of comedians.  Their most famous routine was "Who's on First?", which Supergirl references in her talk with Dream Girl.

DR. SIVANA (Thaddeus Bodog Sivana): Earth-S villain, arch-enemy of Captain Marvel, and father of Georgia, Magnificus, and Beautia Sivana and Thaddeus Sivana, Jr.  Dr. Sivana is a brilliant scientist whose revolutionary theories were rejected by scientists in the early years of the 20th Century and who subsequently went to Venus in a rocket of his own design, returning in 1940 to begin a plan of world conquest.  Sivana was responsible for the Marvel Family's (and himself and his own family's) being placed in suspended animation for 20 years, and revived Black Adam some years later.  (1st app: WHIZ COMICS #2)

KARMANG: White Martian sorceror who accidentally turned the ancient population of Mars into ghostlike beings during an experiment gone awry.  He sought to bring his people back to material life using energy to be derived from the destruction of Earth-One and Earth-S, but Superman, Supergirl, Captain Marvel, and Mary Marvel stopped him, even though he used Black Adam and the Quarrmer against them and induced Superman and Captain Marvel to battle each other for a time.  (1st app: ALL-NEW COLLECTOR'S EDITION #C-58)

OMEGA: A giant energy-being created by Brainiac 5 during a spell of insanity.  Omega threatened the universe and the Legion of Super-Heroes, but was destroyed when Matter-Eater Lad ate the Miracle Machine which was used to create it.  (1st app: SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #250)

JHODAN: The outworlder with whom Dawnstar had a love affair while still being the love interest of Wildfire.  (1st app: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2nd series) #321)

FERRO LAD (Andrew Nolan): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  He was a mutant with the power to turn his body into a living iron-like substance with much greater density and strength than steel.  Ferro Lad died destroying the Sun-Eater.  (1st app:  ADVENTURE COMICS #346)

INVISIBLE KID I (Lyle Norg): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Invisible Kid was a prodigy who created a serum that gave him the power of invisibility.  He was later killed by Validus of the Fatal Five, but still survives as a spirit.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #267)

CHEMICAL KING (Condo Arlik): 30th Century super-hero, native of Phlon, and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Chemical King had the ability to speed up or slow down chemical reactions.  He died preventing the Dark Circle from starting World War VII.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #371)

KARATE KID (Val Armorr): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Val Armorr was the son of a super-villain, the Black Dragon, who was killed in combat with an Asian super-hero called the Sensei.  Trained from birth in the mastery of all martial arts, which he perfected to the point of being able to cleave through solid steel with blows of his hands, Val adopted the name Karate Kid and was accepted as a Legion member.  He later fell in love with and married Princess Projectra, became her prince consort on Orando, and was finally killed by Nemesis Kid, an old enemy.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #346)

DUO DAMSEL (formerly TRIPLICATE GIRL; Luornu Durgo Taine): 30th Century super-hero, former member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, now Legion Reservist and wife of Bouncing Boy.  Triplicate Girl is a native of Cargg, where all inhabitants can split into three separate bodies.  She was admitted into the Legion, but one of her bodies was killed by Computo in battle, leaving her only the power to become two separate girls.  She continued as Duo Damsel with the Legion until marrying Bouncing Boy and becoming a Reservist.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #276)

DOOM PATROL: A 20th Century team of super-heroes, originally composed of The Chief, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Robotman of Earth-1.  All but Robotman were killed during a battle with Madame Rouge and Zahl, who later died themselves in battle with the Teen Titans, Robotman, and Mento.  (1st app: MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80)

Meta: Hellsister 6

KARL KRELLIK: Super-villain and enemy of Captain Action.  Krellik is a former archaeologist who accompanied Clive Arno on the expedition that unearthed the City of the Gods.  While there, he received the Coin of Loki that mystically gave him the might of the evil gods, and recovered several ancient weapons such as the wind-whip of Tisiphone.   After his initial battle against Captain Action, he was not seen again, until this story.  (1st app: CAPTAIN ACTION #1)

CAPTAIN ACTION (Clive Arno): Super-hero and father of Action Boy.  Clive Arno is an archaeologist who, with Karl Krellik, unearthed an ancient city which proved to be the crossroads for mythical gods of ancient times.  After experiencing a vision of the gods leaving Earth, he and Krellik found a chest of coins, each of which bequeathed the powers of one of the gods to its bearer.  Krellik, being evil, was unable to take the coins, but Arno could and did, and used them to become a super-hero, Captain Action.  In his second adventure, all the coins were lost except the ones pertaining to Zeus, Hercules, and Heimdall, whose powers Captain Action took, and the Mercury coin, which was given to Action Boy.  Captain Action and Action Boy encountered Superman once, but had a very short career.  (1st app: CAPTAIN ACTION #1)

LOKI: Trickster of the Norse gods and evil avatar of the Coin of Loki.

SHEOL: Kryptonian equivalent of Hell, used usually as a curse word.

INTERLAC: The lingua franca of the planets, used extensively for interplanetary communication.

RANN: A planet in the Alpha Centauri system.  In the 20th Century, it was most famous as the second home of Adam Strange.  (1st app: SHOWCASE #17)

WINATH: Homeworld of Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass, and Lightning Lord.

TYR: 30th Century super-villain and enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Former warlord of Tyrraz and scourge of his home galaxy.  His right arm has been amputated and replaced by a prosthetic and sentient gun-arm.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #197)

THRONE OF SULEIN: A mystic artifact.

HAND OF R'LANN THYRR: A mystic artifact.

MUNDANE EGG: A mystic artifact.  (1st app: BOOKS OF MAGIC #3)

RANAGAR: Capital city of Rann.

DRANG THE DESTROYER (aka DR. SUPERNATURAL): 20th Century super-villain, enemy of Supergirl.  Drang is a being of concentrated evil mystic energy, former master of a group of evildoers and imprisoner of a substantial number of interplanetary heroes.  He was apparently dissipated during his battle against Supergirl, but even she noted a whisp of energy reforming.  By the 30th Century, he has totally reconstituted his being and serves as Mordru's messenger.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #329)

Meta: Hellsister 8

FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE: Superman's secret lair in the Arctic, where the bottle-city of Kandor was kept until its enlargement.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #241)

LORDS OF ORDER: Embodiments of Order throughout the multiverse.  One of their number, Nabu, gave Kent Nelson the Fate Helmet that turned him into Dr. Fate.

NABU: A Lord of Order who bequeathed to young Kent Nelson the Fate Helmet which made him a master of magic.  Nabu also inhabits the helmet, so that Nelson, as Fate, is partially possessed by him.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #67)

IRIS WEST: Wife of the Earth-One Flash.   After this story, Professor Zoom will go to the 20th Century to kill her, but her real, 30th Century parents will trap her psychic essence and insert it in a new, cloned body, to be reunited with the Flash in that time.  (1st app: SHOWCASE #4)

CHAOS HELMET: A blue helmet, counterpart to the Fate Helmet, which is ruled by the Chaos Lords and makes its owner a champion of Chaos.  (1st app: NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY #25)

GEMWORLD: An other-dimensional world populated by members of twelve mystical Houses, symbolized by gemstones (the House of Ruby, the House of Turquoise, etc.).  Princess Amethyst, a young heroine, was sent to Earth by a witch-mother in the 20th Century to protect her from the usurper, Dark Opal, but she later returned and liberated Gemworld from his House.  Mordru lived on Gemworld as a young adept.  (1st app: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #298)

DEVIL'S EMERALD: A "real" legendary power object, supposedly a gem which fell from the Devil's brow as he plummeted from Heaven, containing a good deal of his power.  As White Witch notes, whether or not the Emerald existed before Mordru conceptualized it or not is open to debate.

LAST SUPERMAN: Possibly Superman XXX.  The last of the Supermen to operate on Earth before the 30th Century, he and his fellow members of the Kent / El line existed in the 25th Century.  The details of their existence and the reason for their exile will be told in the story of the Great Confrontation.

LORDS OF CHAOS: Mystical embodiments of Chaos throughout the Universe.  Kilderkin is one of their number.  They power the Chaos Helmet, which on at least one occasion transformed a mortal into the magic-wielding Dr. Chaos.
Meta: Hellsister 9

THE SPECTRE: Earth-Two superhero and member of the Justice Society.  The Spectre is the ghost of Jim Corrigan, who was killed in 1940 by a vengeful criminal, Gat Benson.  He was given the choice, in the Next World, to return as a guardian spirit and did so.  After capturing Benson and saving his then-fiancee, Corrigan's spirit adopted the costumed identity of the Spectre, and battled supernatural evil throughout the cosmos.  Some months later, he was allowed to raise Jim Corrigan's body from the dead and use it as a place to inhabit between cases; thus, Corrigan and the Spectre are two separate entities, but connected.  The Spectre joined the Justice Society during their first case, in which they stopped Hitler's invasion of Britain.  It has been speculated that a second Spectre exists on Earth-One, or perhaps that it is the same Spectre inhabiting the body of a Jim Corrigan on Earth-One, for on that world a Spectre does exist, and takes hideous and imaginative revenge on murderers (such as turning one into a wooden statue and running him through a sawmill).  The Spectre's powers are almost unbound, and he is one of the strongest heroic entities in the Multiverse, but, of course, not on a plane with the All-Highest.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #52)

DR. CHAOS: 20th Century villain, brought into existence by the union of the Chaos Helmet with Burt Belker, an archaeologist.  Belker helped Professor Lewis Lang unearth the helmet in the Valley of Ur on Earth-One in Superboy's time, and was compelled to don it and become transformed into a magic-wielding villain.  His costume was a duplicate of Dr. Fate's, but in reversed colors.  Superboy dampened down the Chaos Helmet's powers by wrapping it in copper wire and removed it from Belker's head, freeing him from Chaos's inhabitation.  Years later, Superman buried the Chaos Helmet far below the Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic.  (1st app: NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY #25)

TOTAL RECALL: A power Kryptonians have under a yellow sun to remember everything since shortly after birth, except for possible gaps due to hypnosis or Kryptonite exposure.

TARTARUS: Ancient Greek version of Hell.

BABOOTCH: A Kryptonian beast.

-ISH: A suffix used on Kryptonian names, usually an affectionate form of address from a superior to a subordinate, a parent to a child, or a teacher to a student.  Also used between lovers.

-IAN: A suffix used on Kryptonian names to indicate equality with the person spoken to.

FIRE FALLS: A feature on Krypton before its destruction, consisting of a "waterfall" composed of fire.

SCARLET JUNGLE: A jungle area on Krypton where many strange beasts lived, including the Thought-Beast.  Its name came from the scarlet color of its vegetation.

Meta: Hellsister 10

TOWER OF FATE: The tower in Salem, Massachusets on Earth-Two that Dr. Fate used as his sanctum sanctorum.  It had no doors or windows and could only be entered by magical means.

ROCK OF ETERNITY: The giant rock-island in the midst of space-time on which the wizard Shazam and the gods and heroes of ancient times dwelt, in the 20th Century.  The Rock served as a nexus to all other times, dimensions, and places, and was often used by the Marvel Family for such purposes.

WHITE BIRD: A "real" legend, of which it is said that a white bird came to the Rock of Eternity to sharpen its beak once every 10,000 years.  When the Rock was worn away by this sharpening, then one day of Eternity would be said to have passed.

MERCURY: The messener of the Greco-Roman gods, possessed of great speed.  Mercury bequeathed his speed to the Marvel Family through Shazam, the last letter of whose name stood for Mercury himself.

COSMIC AXIS: A gigantic manifestation, perceived as a great arrow in some realms and as the axis of a pair of unseen wheels in another, whose motion governed the alignment of the Multiverse. Any shifting of the Cosmic Axis usually shunted some beings into another realm.  If thrown substantially off-balance, the results could be devastating to multiple realities.  (1st app: MAN-THING #1)

DAKKAM: The phaseworld with which Rokyn had traded places, until Dakkam's sun went nova and destroyed it.  The Rokynians had managed to keep their world in the Earth-One universe before that.  (1st app: FEAR #17)

SPEAR OF DESTINY: The spear with which a Roman soldier is said to have pierced Christ's side, letting out blood and water.  The Spear of Destiny in the Earth-One dimension is possessed of great mystic power, and has been passed on through many hands over the centuries.  (1st app:  WEIRD WAR TALES #50)

ROND VIDAR: A brilliant young 30th Century scientist, the son of Universo, and a Legion Reservist.  Rond Vidar created the Time Cube, one of the devices the Legion uses for time-travel.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #349)

UNIVERSO: 30th Century super-villain, former Green Lantern, father of Rond Vidar, and foe of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Universo's main power was super-hypnotism.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #349)

TIME-TRAPPER: A mysterious being, seemingly existing beyond time, who is one of the Legion of Super-Heroes's greatest foes.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #314)

Meta: Hellsister 11

EARTH-I: An Earth on which humanity evolved into beings of pure intellect and non-materiality.  (1st app: WONDER WOMAN #293)

MARS: Fourth planet from the sun in Earth's solar system.  In the Earth-One universe, it was formerly home to J'onn J'onzz's race.  The Mars Mordru sees may be the one which produced the Martians found in H. G. Wells's WAR OF THE WORLDS.

EARTH-S: The Earth which contains the Marvel Family and several other heroes unique to it, such as Spy Smasher, Minute Man, Ibis the Invincible, Bulletman and Bulletgirl, Isis, and Mr. Scarlet and Pinky.  (1st app: WHIZ COMICS #2)

EARTH-X: An Earth on which the Allies lost World War II, but were finally delivered from Nazi tyranny by a coalition of Justice League and Justice Society heroes together with the Freedom Fighters, who were residents of that world.  The Freedom Fighters were counterparts of the heroes of Earth-Quality, with two major exceptions: 1) The Earth-X heroes migrated there from Earth-Two, and 2) On Earth-Quality, the Allies won the war against the Nazis and superheroes apparently disappeared after 1956.  Earth-X heroes included Doll Man, Plastic Man, the Blackhawks, Uncle Sam, the Human Bomb, the Ray, Phantom Lady, and the Black Condor.  (1st app: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #107)

ZATANNA (Zatanna Zatara): 20th Century superheroine and member of the Justice League of America.  Zatanna is the daughter of famed magician-hero Zatara and Sindella, another homo magi.  She has extensive magic powers of her own, which she actuates, like her father, by speaking backwards.  (1st app: HAWKMAN (1st series) #4)

IBIS THE INVINCIBLE (Prince Amentep): Earth-S super-hero and magician.  Prince Ibis was an apprentice sorcerer in Egypt 4,000 years ago, jailed injustly by a rival, the Black Pharaoh.  A relative gave him the Ibistick, a mystic wand which controls any object or creates what its user wills, among other things.  Thus armed, Prince Ibis (so named for the sacred Egyptian bird) escaped prison and killed the Black Pharaoh.  But his lover Taia had been struck by an arrow, and was sent into suspended animation for 4 millenia.  Ibis cast a spell to allow himself to sleep for that exact amount of time, and both woke up in the 20th Century in an American museum.  From that time to the present, with some time out from 1954-1973 when they and the other heroes of Earth-S were caught in a globe of Suspendium, Ibis and Taia have fought crime and evil, and are now married.  (1st app: WHIZ COMICS #2)

SUPERMAN II (Jordan [Jorel] Kent): Son of the original Superman and Lois Lane and the first to follow in the Man of Steel's footsteps.  Though his parents named him Jorel in honor of Superman I's father, his legal name, for security purposes, is Jordan.  He is the father of Laurie Kent II and Superman III.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #354)

SUPERMAN III (Jon Hudson, nee' Kalel Kent): Son of Superman II, grandson of the original Superman.  Since his birth-name was too much of a security risk, and because he wanted to adopt multiple identities as covers, Superman III "killed off" Kalel Kent and assumed the identity of Jon Hudson.  Eventually he will marry Melodee Sellers and father Superman IV.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #354)

LAURIE KENT II: Daughter of Superman II.  She is named for Superman II's sister, the original Laurie Kent.  (1st app: this story)

Meta: Hellsister 12

I-CHING: Late mentor, partner, and martial-arts instructor of Diana Prince during the time she briefly renounced her Wonder Woman powers and identity.  I-Ching was a blind Asian sorceror who enlisted Diana in his battle against Dr. Cyber and other villains, one of whom was his own daughter.  Eventually, he was killed by an assassin and Diana resumed her Wonder Woman identity.  (1st app: WONDER WOMAN #179)

QUARRMER: A being from another dimension with imitative powers.  It was admitted into Earth-One's dimension when a Kryptonite-powered reactor exploded, irradiating Superman and transforming all Kryptonite then on Earth to iron.  The Quarrmer absorbed part of Superman's essence, merged with the sand upon which he lay unconscious and, later, rose as a quasi-Superman.  His continued existence on Earth led to further sapping of Superman's powers, until battle between the two seemed inevitable.  But I-Ching gave the two a vision of how Earth would be devastated by their combat, and the Quarrmer willingly returned to his dimension.  He was yanked forcibly into Earth-One on another occasion and compelled to obey the Martian sorceror, Karmang, in a battle against Superman, Supergirl, Captain Marvel, and Mary Marvel, but returned to his home plane after that incident.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #233)

Meta: Hellsister 13

DRYGUR MOLIOM: Head of Rokyn's Science Council, and president of Rokyn.

ACTION BOY (Carl Arno): 20th Century super-hero and son of Captain Action.  Carl Arno was given the Coin of Mercury, which gave him the speed of that legendary god.  (1st app: CAPTAIN ACTION #1)

SICKLE OF MEGAERA: A weapon of the ancient deities of evil, which Karl Krellik found in the City of the Gods.  (1st app: CAPTAIN ACTION #1)

RA: Egyptian god of the sun.

KNUM: The Egyptian potter god who fashioned babies on his wheel.

SUPERMAN IV (Dav-El, aka Dave Kent): The son of Superman III and Melodee Sellers.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #338)

SUPERMAN V (Kor-El, aka Mark Kent): The son of Superman IV.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #338)

SUPERMAN VI (Kent-L47): The son of Superman V.  (1st app: WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #166)

Meta: Hellsister 14

MORPHEUS (aka DREAM, SANDMAN): One of the Endless, in charge of the realm of Dreams.  He has encountered Kara of Rokyn and Supergirl, though the latter is not aware of it.  (1st app: SANDMAN #1)

ENDLESS: A family of powerful beings who govern certain aspects of existence.  Their members are Dream (Morpheus), Destiny, Desire, Dementia, Delirium, Destruction, and Death.

DESIRE: A hermaphroditic Endless being who governs all desires.  (1st app: SANDMAN #10)

DESTRUCTION: An Endless being devoted to destruction.  (1st app: SANDMAN ANNUAL #1)

DELERIUM: An Endless being, formerly Delight, who governs insanity.  John Constantine calls her "Dementia" here.  (1st app: SANDMAN #21)

Meta: Hellsister 15

STAR BOY (Thom Kallor): 30th Century superhero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Born to astronomer parents in an observatory in space, Thom was endowed with the power to make objects super-heavy by inducing the mass of stars into them.  Later, he gained powers similar to Superboy's, with the addition of electrical vision, when he passed through the tail of a comet, and joined the Legion.  But his comet powers wore off, and he remained a Legionnaire through his power of inducing weight.  He is the current love interest of Dream Girl. (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #282)

TIMBER WOLF (Brin Londo): 30th Century superhero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Brin Londo, a native of the planet Zoon, was given the powers of super-strength, super-speed, and hyper-agility by a Zuunium ray his father subjected him to.  The ray originally gave him amnesia, and, thanks to the deceptions of an android, Brin began calling himself Lone Wolf.  Light Lass helped him regain his memory, and he eventually renamed himself Timber Wolf and joined the Legion, where he is one of their fiercest fighters in combat.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #327)

CAIN: A resident of the Dreaming, supposedly the incarnation of the Biblical character who killed his brother.  Cain is indeed Abel's brother, and he "kills" him a lot, from which state Abel always (so far) regenerates.  Both brothers regard Eve as their mother.  Cain is the master of the House of Mystery.  (1st app: HOUSE OF MYSTERY #176)

ABEL: A resident of the Dreaming, supposedly the incarnation of the Biblical character who was killed by his brother in the first murder.  Abel is the brother of Cain, and is "killed" by him a lot, from which state he always regenerates.  Both regard Eve as their mother.  Abel is the master of the House of Secrets. Goldie, a gargoyle, is his pet.  (1st app: HOUSE OF SECRETS #81)

MELDERKIN: A Lord of Chaos.  (1st app: this story)

THE DARK: The embodiment of Evil throughout the universe.  It was unleashed in recent times by the Brujeria with the help of the Crisis, and Swamp Thing and a team of mystics managed to convince it to take a possibly non-threatening coexistence with the Light, though this is probably an oversimplification.  (1st app: SWAMP THING #49)

THE LIGHT: The embodiment of Good throughout the universe.  It came into a possibly non-threatening coexistence with the Dark after the latter was unleashed by the Brujeria.  (1st app: SWAMP THING #50)

BRUJERIA: A cabal of black wizards in Brazil who, playing off the power fluctuations caused by the Crisis, aroused the Dark from slumber with the intention of having it "destroy Heaven".  The Swamp Thing helped destroy the Brujeria, a few minutes too late.  (1st app: SWAMP THING #49)

ZATARA (John [Giovanni] Zatara): Master magician, father of Zatanna,  and former member of the All-Star Squadron.  John Zatara was the grandson of a great stage magician and found that, by speaking words aloud (which he first did by reading aloud the backwards writing of Leonardo Da Vinci) he could perform feats of true magic.    He used these powers to battle crime and evil and, sometime after World War II, emigrated to Earth-One, where he met Sindella and fathered Zatanna by her.  Zatara was freed from mystical bondage by his daughter and the Justice League, but he died years later during a seance with John Constantine, in which he sacrificed his life to save his daughter from being killed by the Dark.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #1)

SARGON THE SORCEROR (John Sargent): Master magican, former member of the All-Star Squadron.  John Sargent was the son of archaeologist Richard Biddle Sargent, who found the Ruby of Life in an excavation and gave it to his wife as a gift.  The ruby was the first thing that the infant John saw, thus fulfilling a prophecy that gave him command of its vast mystic powers.  He became a stage magician to conceal his true power while battling crime and mystic evil.  He later emigrated to Earth-One where he became a villain for a time before returning to heroics.  Sargon was one of the sorcerors John Constantine used in his seance to monitor the Dark, and died when the Dark's power immolated him.  (1st app: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #26)

MENTO (Steve Dayton): Super-hero and affiliate of the Doom Patrol.  Steve Dayton designed a "Mento helmet" which amplifies the powers of the human brain for telekinesis, telepathy, illusiory powers, and psychic energy blasts, in an effort to impress Rita Farr of the Doom Patrol, whom he later married.  (Rita was later killed, along with two other Doom Patrol members, by Madame Rouge and Col. Zahl.)  After helping Robotman and the Teen Titans track down the Doom Patrol's murderers, Mento was recruited by John Constantine to be the psychic link between his seance group and the "away team" that went into Hell to deal with the Dark.  The strain of the experience drove Mento insane.  At the time of this story, only a few weeks after this incident, Mento still remains in that condition.  (1st app: DOOM PATROL #91)

SWAMP THING: Plant elemental formed from the remains of the late Dr. Alec Holland.  While working on a "bio-restorative" formula for the government in a Louisiana swamp, Dr. Holland and his wife Linda were killed by a bomb rigged by a member of the Conclave, a criminal organization.  Holland, aflame, fell into the swamp, where the bio-restorative formula he was covered in combined with the mystic forces of the Green throughout the Earth to create the Swamp Thing, a motile plant-man with a copy of Alec Holland's consciousness.  Though the Swamp Thing originally thought he was Alec Holland, in later years he learned that he was a different entity.  He was one of John Constantine's "away team" who penetrated Hell to deal with the Dark, and eventually convinced it to take a possibly non-confrontational stance with the Light.  (1st app: SWAMP THING #1)

Meta: Hellsister 16

THANAGAR: The planet which Hawkman and Hawkgirl hailed from in the 20th Century.  (1st app: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34)

BRAAL: Cosmic Boy's homeworld, on which all native inhabitants have magnetic powers.

COLU (also known as YOD): Homeworld of Brainiac 5.

PRINCE RA-MAN (Mark Merlin): 20th Century super-hero and mystic.  Mark Merlin was a stage magician who exposed mystic fakes.  He was teleported to the otherdimensional world of Ra, where he gained mind-over-matter powers and was allowed to return to Earth, but only in the reincarnated body of Prince Ra-Man, an ancient Egyptian magician.  Merlin's true body died, but Ra-Man lived on, on the Earth-plane.  He fought Eclipso twice and, several weeks before this story, helped John Constantine in a seance with other mystics, guiding Swamp Thing and his comrades in a campaign to deal with the Dark in Hell.  (1st app: HOUSE OF SECRETS #23 (Mark Merlin), 73 (Ra-Man))

MR. MYSTIC (Ken -------): 20th Century super-hero and mystic from Earth-X (with a counterpart who lived on Earth-Quality).  In 1940, Ken was the victim of a plane crash in the Himalayas, where he was recovered by a band of lamas who branded him with a mystic symbol on his forehead.  This symbol bequeathed to him magical powers which he used to battle evil.  He apparently survived the conquest of America by the Axis powers on Earth-X, because he was one of the team of magicians John Constantine contacted to form a seance group to guide Swamp Thing and his friends on their campaign to deal with the Dark.  (1st app: SPIRIT SECTION #1, June 2, 1940)

BARON WINTERS: A mysterious student of the mystic arts who resides in a Georgetown mansion in Washington, D.C.  The mansion is connected somehow to a timestream, and when Winters leaves it (which is infrequent), he always goes to a past era, never to the present.  He frequently manipulates bands of people into serving his interest.  Baron Winters was persuaded by John Constantine to allow his mansion to be used as a site for the seance in which Constantine, Winters, and other famous mystic heroes guided the Swamp Thing and his comrades on a campaign to deal with the Dark in Hell, during which Zatara and Sargon died.  (1st app: NEW TEEN TITANS #21)

DEADMAN (Boston Brand): Earth-1 ghost hero.  Boston Brand was a master trapeze artist who wore a red costume and made himself up as a corpse to fit his billing as "Deadman".  He was killed during his act by a rifle-wielding assassin, The Hook, as part of a test to gain the killer admission into the Society of Assassins.  But, instead of passing on to the Next World, Deadman's ghost was granted power by Rama Kushna, spirit of the universe, to enter other people's bodies and control them.  His first task was to find his killer.  After this was done, Deadman continued to exist on Earth and battle evil through the bodies of persons he temporarily possessed.  (1st app: STRANGE ADVENTURES #205)

DEMON (Etrigan / Jason Blood): Earth-1 mystic being.  Etrigan was a demon from Hell which Merlin unleashed against Morgan Le Fey in the last battle of Camelot.  Knowing Camelot was doomed, Merlin placed a spell on Etrigan that caused him to be transformed into a human, Jason Blood.  Blood lived on through the centuries, apparently unaware of his demonic heritage, until he pronounced a spell that transformed him into the Demon again in 20th Century Gotham City.  Since then, Jason Blood uses his Demon-self to battle mystic evil, and was part of the Swamp Thing's team which dealt with the Dark in Hell.  He speaks in rhyme, which is an affectation of his rank in the demonic hierarchy.  (1st app: THE DEMON #1)

Meta: Hellsister 17

ZEUS: Greek god of lightning and storm, and ruler of the gods.  He is one of the six Shazam gods and heroes, and provides his power to the Marvel Family.

SOLOMON: Hebrew king and prophet, reknowned for his wisdom.  He is one of the Shazam heroes, and provides his wisdom to the Marvel Family.

CTHULU: One of the major figures of the Cthulu Mythos, written of extensively by H. P. Lovecraft and others.   An evil mystic entity of great power.

ASGARD: Home of the Norse gods.

NIFFLEHEIM: Another realm of Norse mythology.

TARTARUS: Hell, in the Greco-Roman mythology.

BORDER WORLDS: Evidently worlds which lie between the mortal and immortal realms.

DREAMING: The abode of Morpheus and his aides, including Cain, Abel, and others, which mortals visit while dreaming.

THE HAND: A manifestation of the Dark, which was seen by Mento during the seance as a giant black hand.  (1st app: SWAMP THING #50)

Meta: Hellsister 18

DR. EVIL (Dr. Stefan Tracy): Earth-1 super-villain and enemy of Captain Action, who is his son-in-law, and the grandfather of Action Boy.  Dr. Tracy was hyper-evolved by a radiation spillover from an experimental machine during an earthquake.  He became blue-skinned and bug-eyed, with an exposed super-brain, and found that he had mind-over-matter powers and a distaste for humanity, which he wanted to eliminate and replace.  Captain Action was victorious over him in two battles.  His present whereabouts are unknown.  (1st app: CAPTAIN ACTION #3)

MIRACLE MACHINE: A device given by the Controllers to the Legionnaires which could transform thought into reality.  Brainiac 5 first used it to defeat a Dark Circle invasion of Earth.  However, since it was so dangerous, the Legion sealed it in an inertron block and only allowed its use in the direst emergencies.  When Brainiac 5 went temporarily insane due to the machinations of Pulsar Stargrave, he used the Miracle Machine to create Omega, a destructive entity that the Legion was powerless to stop.  Matter-Eater Lad ate the machine, thus destroying Omega, but the energies within the device also unhinged his mind for a time.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #367)

MATTER-EATER LAD (Tenzil Kim): 30th Century super-hero and former member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Matter-Eater Lad is a native of Bismoll, a world whose inhabitants evolved the ability to eat any sort of matter safely.  He applied for Legion membership and was admitted, but, after a long tenure with the group, resigned to become a senator on Bismoll.  Though his career was interrupted by a bout of insanity when he ate the Miracle Machine, he resumed his Senate seat once he was cured.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #303)

Meta: Hellsister 19

RAINBOW CANYON: A landmark on Krypton before its destruction; a deep natural gorge over which a permanent rainbow hung.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #141)

HERCULES: Greco-Roman god of strength, who lent his power to the Marvel Family in the Earth-S universe and, through his coin, to Captain Action in the Earth-One universe.

HEIMDALL: Norse god and guardian of the Rainbow Bridge between Earth and Asgard.  Through his coin, Captain Action gains the power of super-senses and the ability to see an opponent's hidden motives and anticipate some of his actions.

THORON: The Earth-2 universe's counterpart to Daxam.  It is a bit smaller than Daxam or Krypton, but large enough so that its inhabitants still have more power than Earth people when out of its heavy gravity and the range of its red sun.   Thoronites, unlike Daxamians, are not weakened by lead.  Halk Kar, a Thoronite, once met the Earth-2 Superman.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #80)

MR. E: A mysterious blind wizard who reportedly lost his sight at the hands of his own father.  Mr. E is a sometime ally of John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, and Dr. Occult.  He is also known for his draconian methods of dealing justice, being willing to destroy the potential evildoer before any evil could possibly be done.  He also has the ability to travel into the future.  At the time of this story, he is travelling back from the End of Time, one step at a time.  (1st app: SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE #31)

Meta: Hellsister 20:

KATHERINE ARNO: Late wife of Captain Action, mother of Action Boy, and daughter of Dr. Evil.  It is unknown how she died.  (1st app: CAPTAIN ACTION #4)

Meta: Hellsister 21:

VENUS: Greco-Roman goddess of love.

WILLIAM BATSON (aka THE OLD MAN): Formerly Captain Marvel I, now a wizard in the 30th Century with the status of Shazam, his former mentor and predecessor.  William Batson performs a similar function to the Captains Marvel who succeeded him.  (1st app: WHIZ COMICS #2)

CAPTAIN MARVEL XII (Billy Batson #?): The 30th Century inheritor of the powers of Shazam, a super-hero and resident of Earth-S.  Though he is only the twelfth Captain Marvel, there were many others in his line who did not take on the role.

Meta: Hellsister 22

CRISIS XIV: The Crisis in which the Justice League and Justice Society teamed up with the Marvel Family and other heroes from Earth-S to defeat King Kull's plot to destroy three Earths.  (1st app: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #135)

THIRD GENESIS: Formerly the planet Apokolips, terraformed sometime between the 20th and 30th Centuries.  (1st app: NEW GODS #1)

GREEN LANTERN (Alan Scott): Earth-2 super-hero, husband of the Harlequin, former husband of the late Thorn, father of Obsidian and Jade,  and member of the Justice Society.  Alan Scott came into possession of a magical green lantern after a train wreck and was instructed to fashion a ring from its metal and use its power against evil.  He adopted the identity of the Green Lantern soon thereafter and was one of the founding members of the Justice Society.  (1st app: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #16)

AQUARIUS: A living star who was banished from other stars' fellowship for causing chaos.  He came to Earth, reformed himself with the aid of Starman's Cosmic Rod, and captured several members of the Justice Society, destroying Earth-Two for a time.  The Justice League came to the JSA's aid, restored Earth-Two's existence, and succeeded in destroying Aquarius, but not before the villain caused the death of the Black Canary's husband Larry Lance.  (1st app: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #73)

QWARD: A world in the anti-matter universe which was the homeworld of Green Lantern's enemies, the Thunderers, the adopted home of Sinestro, a renegade Green Lantern, and the control base of the Anti-Monitor.  A twin sun of Qward was created by the explosion of the Anti-Monitor's and Wildfire's energies.  (1st app: GREEN LANTERN #2)

BLACK ZERO: An alien super-villain assigned by an empire of space-pirates to destroy Krypton.  He learned that the nuclear reaction in Krypton's core was dying down, but he reactivated it with a device of his and thus succeeded in destroying the planet.  Years later, he battled Superman and Jax-Ur, and was turned into an unliving stone statue and then shattered by the latter.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #205)

ORPHEUS: The son of Morpheus, who almost won the chance to bring his dead bride back from Hades's realm through his moving song.  Unfortunately, he looked upon her just before emerging from the Underworld, and thus violated his agreement with Hades and lost her forever.  (1st app:  SANDMAN SPECIAL #1)

HADES: The Greco-Roman god of the dead.

BIA AND KRATOS: Zeus's legendary guards of Olympus.

APOLLO: The Greco-Roman god of the sun.  He also had the power of healing, manifested through the symbol of the Caudeus, which Mercury had stolen.

VULCAN: The Greco-Roman god of crafting metal and weaponry, Zeus's blacksmith.

EVE: The first woman, in Biblical relation, wife of Adam and mother of Cain and Abel.  The Eve in this story is a denizen of the Dreaming and does regard Cain and Abel as her sons.  (1st app: ??)

MUCOUS MEMBRANE: A punk band John Constantine sang with in earlier years.  Their most famous song was "Venus of the Hardsell".  (1st app: ??)

DESAAD: Lieutenant of Darkseid.  Known for his brilliance and sadism.  He has been destroyed several times by Darkseid's Omega Effect, and reassembled atomically by a reversal of that effect, at Darkseid's whim.  (1st app: NEW GODS #2)